Waiting for 4pm. 

Workload went from Crank It Up To 11 back to 0 in a matter of hours, it seems.

Hoping to go on a road trip tomorrow, but to where? I’ll figure it out when tomorrow comes. 

Gaining Weight

Time to reevaluate my eating habits.

I know the main culprit: emotional eating.

My assignment is to find ways around “eating my feelings” in a way that works for me.  I’ve seen suggestions that may work for other people, such as ‘call a friend’…no. Not when it’s past 10pm and I’m jonesing for the jar of almond butter in the kitchen. 

Step 1: Bye, bye, Almond Butter. Gonna miss you.

Step 2: Hello, lots and lots of water. I don’t drink enough water, so this will be a good habit. 

After that, I’ll figure out some more tweaks and small changes to make. Might even put a “Gripe Book” by the bed and write down all the stuff that’s bothering me.


Borked: broken to the point of non-repair. Example: the company email is borked.

Another example from Urban Dictionary says: 


To have broken something so entirely, you break the words used to describe the item.

guy 1:wtf happened to your ipad, its broken in half and the screen is melted!

guy 2:dude, long story short, its fu**in borked.

by Dj pancake August 28, 2010

Thank you, Dj pancake.

I won’t be doing much of anything until the email gets fixed. 

Daisy Mae

I’m very glad that she’s used to my attempts to take her picture, especially with the flash feature. She hates that part.

She’s a good girl. Even when she complains loudly in the morning.