“And what did we learn from this vacation?”

Well, we learned that one does not take 24 people to Maui and expect to have any peace and quiet.πŸ’₯

We will not be doing this again; that is, if the lesson is lost after all that we’ve been through and there is any talk of a reunion: I AM NOT GOING. Period. This week has felt like a damn month. I’m being roomed up with a codependent aunt with major depression issues who has taken over the bedroom with her crap and has a tendency to drink with a huge amount of pain pills in her system. She tried getting drunk at the luau; she’s not supposed to drink with her massive amounts of medication. Mom poured out her drink and replaced it with soda. We also told the waiter not to serve her any more drinks. She went to the bar and got her own drink. Mom was pissed. 

To think that I wasted my vacation time on this. Mom’s just about had it with her big sister. 

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