A Sigh of Relief

The calm after the storm.

My aunt R attempted suicide on Friday night. We almost lost her. My mother kept calling her until she picked up and told her that she took an overdose of pills. The ambulance came just in time to stabilize her. She’s in the ICU for a few days, then they’ll put her in a regular room before taking her to a facility for further treatment. 

My mom is the glue that keeps everything together. She was relieved that the state was going to take over. 

Aunt R lives quite a few states away and Mom would have to fly over there and deal with angry relatives, especially Cousin T. 

When T goes on a rampage, someone ends up physically hurt. R ended up in the hospital once or twice – they’re not close at all, but T showed up at the ER, threw a fit when it was revealed that Mom and Uncle D had the medical authority over R, not T. 

Hoping that R gets all the help that she needs. 

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