Stuff, in no particular order.

I turned 40 on the 12th of March. My coworkers decorated my office, bought cupcakes and a small cake for me to take home. Lee The Safety Lady bought me an adorable figurine. It was a good day.

Dad had back surgery. The surgeon put in a spacer where his vertebrae collapsed. Hopefully this will help him move around better. He’s glad to be home.

Mom’s having back surgery on the 2nd of April. The surgeon is going to work on the stenosis and scrape off some of the arthritis; a couple of months later, she goes back in to get her L-1 to L-5 fused. She’s been having one hell of a time with her back.

Her parents are in their mid-eighties. Grandpa keeps sending money to sweepstakes. Grandma calls Mom in a panic about Grandpa sending money to sweepstakes, Uncle Doug and Grandpa not getting along, Grandpa thinks Uncle G is taking his pills, etc.

Niece will be in high school next year. The mere thought of that blows my mind. My little girl is growing up.

Welcome to the new Normal.


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